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Canada dominates women‘s bronze medal game with 5-0 win over Slovakia

10. 6. 2017 | Marek Kratochvíl
Jamie Lee Rattray‘s early goal set her team in the lead and it went downhill from there for Slovakia. While they were under pressure, Canada added two more tallies late in second period and sealed the deal in third with two more while Kristen Sugiyama managed to get the shutout. The bronze goes to Canada and the Slovaks are without a medal for the first time ever.

Canada wanted the medal and started with some pace. Jamie Lee Rattray opened the scoring account with just 84 seconds into the game. They were the active team but thanks to Tomcikova, the Slovaks managed to stay through rest of the period without any other goals for Canada.

And despite handful of chances and even a shot to post once, they almost stayed just one goal behind even after the second period. However, Jamie Lee Rattray got her second in last mnute of play with a nice solo run and great finish. Also, the Canadians got one more thanks to Rhianna Kurio. She put it behind Tomcikova in the very last second of period 2. The goal had to be reviewed but it was allowed in the end and Canada went into third with three-goals margin.

Kapustova got called for holding with first penalty for Slovak team in the game and Canada capitalized off it. Amanda Kean slapped it just beneath top bar from right circle and Tomcikova couldn’t react.

Then Rhianna Kurio finished a 2-on-1 breakaway to add her second and set the final result. Dominant performance lead to 5-0 win for Canada to get the Bronze.


Tyrel Spitzer (head coach of Canada): The tournament was fantastic, really such a good event. Atmosphere was excellent, it was funny to be a part of it. Our girls went back after tough yesteday’s lost in semifinal against USA, we fought for each other today with success against a great team from Slovakia. I’m proud of my girls and very happy about their performances in this tournament. I’am glad how we ended up.

Beata Risianova (head coach of Slovakia): It was a tough game for us. The girls played a hard semifinal yesterday, we didn’t have much time to regenerate. And it was pretty obvious in this game. Unfortunately, the U.S. replaced us on the medal places. We have a lot of injuries, that laid us off completely. Every game we lost one or two players so we had to play with the ones that left. We couldn’t have done better.